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How to judge the strength of a capacitor company? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-04
In the summer purchasing season, the production demand of many household appliances has increased, and the purchasing demand of capacitors has also begun to increase. After purchasing capacitors for so long, do you know how to judge the strength of a capacitor company? This article introduces in detail the various methods of determining the strength of capacitor companies. One. Capacitor company Ru0026D personnel/production personnel The strength of a capacitor company, the most intuitive can be judged from the capacitor company’s Ru0026D personnel and production personnel, how many Ru0026D personnel are The strength of research and development can depend on the cooperation of capacitor research and development, and production personnel can directly determine the supply speed of capacitors. Although automated operations are now advocated, production lines still need to be equipped with production personnel. The more personnel, the more natural the output is. It will be more normal. If this is the case, you can go to the other party’s capacitor production base to observe, and it is generally acceptable to see the factory. 2. If the capacitor company production equipment and raw material capacitor company staff are in place, you also need to refer to the other party’s production equipment, because the personnel If the configuration is good and the production equipment cannot keep up, the capacitors made will not be as good. This can be directly based on the age of the production equipment. After all, the possibility of personal inspection is not high. You can directly check the model of the production equipment. The year of the model can tell whether the production equipment of the capacitor company is obsolete, and the raw materials of the capacitor are also an important assessment point.Why are some capacitors have the same model capacity and withstand voltage size, but the price can be doubled or more, mainly because The choice of raw materials, the better the raw materials, the capacitors generally have a service life of several years longer than ordinary capacitors, and the safety is also much higher. The simplest way to judge whether the capacitor raw materials are good, see whether it is imported from abroad Yes, this standard is the fastest. Three. Can the capacitor company provide a valid certificate? If the previous methods are more time-consuming and laborious, you can directly ask the capacitor company to provide the certificate with international certification, such as RoHS report, SGS report, etc. , This kind of reference certification is generally provided by international certification. These certificates can be obtained, and they are all certified in the factory for assessment and verification. Therefore, the authenticity can still be trusted. If they are provided only some unknown or If you don't have any certification, you can't believe it completely. The above are the more common ways to judge the strength of capacitor companies. I hope I can help you!
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