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How to large aluminum electrolytic capacitor discharge? How to safely operate?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-09
Multimeter manual says & quot; Please before test capacitance, capacitance must be fully discharge, in order to prevent damage to the instrument & quot; , specific how to operate? 1, the guide lines of small specifications of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, short circuit discharge line directly, but we do not recommend commonly. Type 2, horn of larger capacity electrolytic capacitor, can get one 220 v / 60 - 100 w bulb, or use a resistor slowly discharge. 3, bolt type high voltage large capacity, we recommend the use of electrolytic capacitor discharge coil can not only put all the electrical capacitance, and also is very good helper when short-circuit fault repair. Remember, large electrolytic capacitors do not short circuit discharge directly, otherwise the instantaneous energy infinity, spark is quite bright, noise and artillery as big, ha ha, not scare you, but I tried, take people aghast, have life risk. Our suggestion, all capacitance use discharge coil, security, namely don't hurt, also won't hurt to the device. There is a very simple solution, to find a short wire, probably around 5 m, winding up, two head with alligator clips, directly on the capacitor is negative, can discharge. But remember one thing: the one is the wire can't be too short, 2 it is must be winding up. Especially aluminum electrolytic capacitor with high pressure, high capacity, discharge end, you will find that the wires is hot.
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