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How to look at the capacitor model|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-05
How to look at the type of capacitors is generally the first problem encountered by people who have just stepped into the capacitor industry or purchasing positions. There are many specifications and models of capacitors, and there are many types of capacitors, such as CBB20. Capacitors can also be called axial capacitors, through-core capacitors, or audio capacitors. Therefore, those who have just stepped into the capacitor industry will be confused. Today, the editor of Lucy4141 will show you how to look at capacitor models. First: we can distinguish from the material of the capacitor. For example, the material of the film series includes polypropylene film and polyester film. As long as it is a polypropylene film capacitor, it can be called CBB capacitor, polyester film. The capacitors can be called CL capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors can be classified from electrodeless and polarized. Safety capacitors can be distinguished from the material of Y1Y2 type and X1X2 type capacitors. Second: When we can distinguish the material of the capacitor, we can start to judge from the shape. For example, the CL capacitor in the film series has a box-shaped appearance. This is a correction capacitor, also called CL17 Capacitors, the square-shaped ones are CL21 capacitors, if they are smaller than the square-shaped ones, they are CL21X capacitors, and the axial cylindrical ones are CL20 capacitors. Of course, the method recognized here is only suitable With some basic knowledge of capacitors, you can also see what capacitors are. Third: The most practical trick is to look at the printing. When the capacitor is produced, each manufacturer will add the printing on the capacitor body through laser/ink printing/casing, etc., and the words on the The content is generally the company's LOGO + capacitor model + capacitor capacity + capacitor error + capacitor withstand voltage. This is the most practical way to distinguish capacitors. It can clearly let the buyer know which capacitor it is, but the only The disadvantage is that if it is too dependent on the display, it will be difficult for us to distinguish if it is printed with other low-grade capacitors on the printing of high-grade capacitors. Today, I have analyzed how to look at the capacitor model. I hope this article can help you.
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