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How to look to identify the service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-25
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors because of its characteristics of small volume, so usually applied to the design of the compact, but because of its fatal flaw is that it belongs to consumption type capacitor, so its service life will play a decisive role in its application products directly, so a lot of people are still very cautious about the purchase electrolytic capacitors, if only from the specification in the table to find out its specific life is difficult, is passed on to ShenMao below small make up electrolytic capacitor factory to analyze, from the several dimensions can see analysis the service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor? Buy long-life aluminum electrolytic capacitor in fact is more complex, because of different capacitance manufacturers specification have differences, strengths and weaknesses of each company is different but all like the optimal performance of the product in the most prominent position, so you need to put all kinds of products in the same line up indirect comparison. As in other capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor must clearly indicate its voltage and capacitance value, the higher the generally speaking, the quality is better. In addition usually need a smaller size and the equivalent series resistance ( ESR) , this will cause a higher cost. The four factors are often interrelated. These Numbers can usually be found in the specification, but once join the long life consideration, it is complicated, because the working life of the capacitor is related to working temperature: a manufacturer may refer to under the working temperature of + 85 ˚ C can achieve a certain amount of hours worked, but another manufacturer's working life may be based on the working temperature of + 105 ˚ C. It is obvious that the starting point is to find out the requirements of the device working hours, and then check their work environment conditions. Normally, in low temperature will prolong the working life, if the temperature of the working environment there will be no higher, select a lower working temperature and long life device will be a right decision. Our price is also an important factor, but it will take and breakdown cost consideration together. Such as the need to long working life of capacitor is one of the reasons about equipment will be installed to the difficult such as offshore oil Wells, and so on the location of the contact, so, capacitor price compared with huge maintenance costs needed for the capacitor failure is trivial. For the most part so choose formal manufacturers selling electrolytic capacitor, this can effectively ensure the competitiveness of their products. Designers also need to find the specific meaning of the end of the working life. After a lot of components aging performance decline, but they are still working parameters in an acceptable range. An application can accept parameters, however, does not necessarily apply to another application. Power applications, for example, when the capacitor is used as the input buffer, life end means that when the output voltage is too low, capacitance will decline to below enough for DC - DC converter provides energy levels. In the output buffer application, life end represents the impedance rise, beyond the intersection of output voltage and ripple voltage, makes the power drive circuit problems. Electrolytic capacitor is the most common reason for failure is the evaporation of electrolyte itself with time, make the electric property changes. Capacitor is made up of two intermediate in conductive layer of a layer of dielectric separator, the anode is a piece of the expanded surface area of aluminum, and the oxide layer is used as a dielectric layer above. Work is a conductive liquid electrolyte, and thus have the problem of evaporation. Is the second piece of aluminum cathode, electrolyte used in the current to work. Anodic oxidation is used to extend the life of the capacitor manufacturing process, to ensure that the use of material with high purity, long-life aluminum electrolytic capacitor is preferred. At normal operating temperature range, the environment temperature dropped every 10 ˚ C, the working life of the capacitor will be double. Increase the voltage to reduce the dielectric losses may increase the ESR, and temperature rise of the capacitor, thus shorten the working life. Temperatures will increase the ESR, makes the output voltage ripple and loop gain. In power application, which can cause volatility and instability. So in the above case, for the sake of the products more competitive need to choose the high quality aluminum electrolytic capacitor, shenzhen ShenMao weiye technology co. , LTD. Is a brand electrolytic capacitor factory, reliable quality and excellent prices.
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