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How to maintain metallized film capacitors during use | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-08
Understanding the attributes of products can effectively meet the demand, and further understanding the characteristics of products can effectively promote the development of the entire industry. The use of metallized film capacitors is very important and can effectively meet people's needs. In the process of use, the use of power systems and transformers does not require any power. If only reactive power is supplied during use, it is not only very economical, but the quality of the voltage is poor, which further affects users. usage of. Only by carrying out timely maintenance of products, can the profits of the company be further satisfied. When the metallized film capacitor is maintained in normal times, it is necessary to check the items in time to check whether it is performed under the rated current during the use of the product, and the balance of the indication of the relevant ammeter is safe. During the inspection, ensure that the product is clean, without any cracks or leakage; especially the appearance of the electronic terminal is tight and not loose, and any heat generation phenomenon. There is no leakage of oil, and only the use of the product is further safe, and it will not cause many problems in the process of operation. There will be no flashover phenomenon on the outside, and the complete connection can effectively ensure good ventilation. In the operating environment, only the characteristics of the entire product are satisfied, and no small details are missed during the inspection process. Therefore, when using metallized film capacitors, check in time and don't miss any tiny details, which will further promote the quality of the entire product during operation.
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