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How to prolong the service life of electrolytic capacitors?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-08

how to extend the service life of electrolytic capacitors? Could extend the life on the design, selection on how to prolong the life span, extend the life of use, the following specific understanding. 1, extend the life actually, from the design to prolong the service life of electrolytic capacitors, the method is very simple, because it dies a natural death is mainly due to the result of the liquid electrolyte evaporation, if improve its impermeability, don't let it evaporate, it is natural to extend the life of a. Such as the Evox Rifa company design double sealing system you can slow down the electrolyte evaporation rate. Also, by adopting the overall around with electrodes of phenolic injection plastics cover and double the special seal of occlusal closely with aluminum shell, also can greatly reduce the loss of the electrolyte. Choose 2, on in selecting extend the life of electrolytic capacitors, in addition to want to choose the brand electrolytic capacitor, ensure the quality, but also on the voltage and capacity left margin. For example, the 220 v after the bridge rectifier dc voltage up to 300 v, but when choosing electrolytic capacitor at least choose 450 v voltage electrolytic capacitor. If the calculated needs 10 uf, had better choose 20 uf. These measures also can prolong the service life of electrolytic capacitors. Because capacitance equivalent resistance and the ripple current can make its internal temperature is higher than the environment temperature, so leave room is a must. 3, extend the life from the use reduce the ripple current can also prolong the service life and if ripple current is too large, can adopt the method of two capacitors in parallel to reduce them
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