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How to replace cbb capacitors when they are broken | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-07-01
When the electrical equipment used at home encounters cbb capacitor damage and wants to replace it yourself, it may not be clear whether you can replace it with a better cbb capacitor, or find some cbb capacitor with similar capacity and withstand voltage to replace, the cbb capacitor is broken There is a way to replace it. 1. First use a simple instrument to test the cbb capacitor. When the electrical appliance is damaged, it may be determined that the cbb capacitor is broken, but there may be other factors. If you rush to replace it directly, you find that the electrical equipment still does not work. Time and energy are wasted in vain, so you must use a simple instrument to test. The home-use multimeter can also complete this simple action. Through the test, see if it is the capacity of the cbb capacitor or the voltage failure. If the capacitor is intact after the test Yes, that may be a problem with other components in the electrical equipment. 2. To replace cbb capacitors, be sure to look for the model. Cbb capacitors are a large series of component products, and there are many types of them. Even if you buy them according to the capacity and withstand voltage of the damaged cbb capacitors, you may buy other types of capacitors. , So be sure to recognize the label on the capacitor, find the corresponding cbb capacitor model to buy so that you don’t worry about the risk of buying the wrong capacitor, because the number of capacitors for this type of purchase will not be too much, so you can generally buy it on the e-commerce platform Place an order to complete this purchase. 3. CBB capacitor capacity withstand voltage considerations. In theory, replacing the larger capacity and withstand voltage of the cbb capacitor will definitely be much better than the previous cbb capacitor capacity, but not blindly. Choose a cbb capacitor that is larger than the capacity withstand voltage, because there is no problem in use, but it is very likely to cause certain functions to fail, because the circuit board is designed and used, and the capacity withstand voltage of the cbb capacitor is specified If you want to make it play the role you want, on the contrary, if the capacity and withstand voltage of the selected cbb capacitor are smaller than those of the previously damaged cbb capacitor, then this replacement cbb capacitor will soon experience problems such as breakdown or bursting, etc., it is recommended It is best to buy a replacement cbb capacitor, the capacity can be selected close to the withstand voltage must be high or flat, remember not to be lower than the previous cbb capacitor withstand voltage
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