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How to see the capacity of cbb capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-07-01
The common units of capacitance are uf (microfarads), nf (nanofarads) and pf (picofarads). The most common ones are f (farads) and mf (millifarads). Generally, the printed value on the capacitor is the capacitance of this capacitor. Capacity, how does cbb capacitor see the printed value of capacity? The following shows and how to check the capacity method. 1. pf (picofarad) display This is the most common way to display the capacitance of cbb capacitors. Generally, these three digits will not exceed four digits printed on the capacitor. There is no unit to display later, and it will directly display a value like 105. Show, like the capacity conversion method introduced before (what are the units of the capacitor?), we can clearly calculate: 105 is equal to 1UF (microfarads), and 1UF can be known as 1000NF (nanfarads). , Because the value of pf (picofarad) is too long, it directly uses the power system, like just 105, it is 1000000pf calculated by 10*10 to the tenth power of 5, and then the conversion can be obtained as 1uf, and then To cite several examples, 104 is 10*10 to the tenth power of 4. After calculation, the converted value must be 0.1uf. This requires frequent calculations and subsequent rules to follow, and the cbb capacitance can be calculated very quickly. capacity. 2. How to check the true capacity of cbb capacitors Although it is often recommended to be careful to purchase fake capacitors, not everyone who has capacitor purchase needs is a manufacturer. Some are just individual users and want to do experiments or research and development. Yes, so you can only choose online shopping malls or offline shopping malls. These places are the most fake or inferior capacitors. The capacity printing on the capacitors may be fake. Then you need to test the capacity of the real cbb capacitors. Generally, there are no professional equipment (electric bridge) at home, so it is difficult to carry out this test. In some cases, we can clamp the lead of the cbb capacitor with the clamp of the electric bridge to clamp the foot of the capacitor, on the bridge. The displayed value will be displayed with pf (picofarad). If the value is within the capacity of the cbb capacitor, it proves that this is a qualified cbb capacitor.
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