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How to select power filtering capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-10-25
In theory, the ideal capacitance impedance decrease with the increase of frequency ( 1 / jwc) , but due to the inductive effect of pins on both ends of the capacitor, the capacitor should be considered a LC series resonant circuit, device from the resonance frequency of FSR parameters. Which means that the frequency is greater than the FSR, capacitance becomes a inductance. If the capacitance to earth filtering, when frequency beyond the FSR of interference suppression is compromised, so I need a smaller capacitance in parallel to ground. The reason is that small capacitance, SFR value is big, the high frequency signal, provides a path to. So often we understand it in the power supply filter circuit: large capacitor filter low frequency, small capacitance filter high frequency, the fundamental reason lies in the SFR ( Since the resonant frequency) Values are different, think about why? If want to from this Angle, you can also understand why why power supply filter capacitance on the anchor as near as possible.
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