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How to set up the safety of high voltage ceramic capacitors creepage distance?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-26
Is ceramic capacitors with high dielectric constant of a ceramic capacitor < barium titanate a titanium oxide> squeezed into a circular tube, the wafer or disk as a medium, and burn infiltration method will be the silver plating on ceramic as electrode is made. So high voltage ceramic capacitor pin pitch or a pitch should be how to set the creepage distance is safe? Here are the ceramic capacitor manufacturer to answer one by one to you. High voltage capacitor as a kind of indispensable protection components, the application of comparison in the field of electronics and communications, the field of ceramic high-voltage capacitors, see more at substation. So, this kind of ceramic high-voltage capacitor pin pitch or pitch safety creepage distance should be how to set up the only belong to? In this article, we will briefly introduce and analyse the problem, everyone together and see it. Engineers believe you all know very well that in the condition of high pressure, ambient air can be conductive ceramic high-voltage capacitor, so in the design of safe creepage distance, we need to fully consider the air conduction problem. According to the requirements of state grid standards, 10 kvac voltage of air gap is 125 mm, this means that within the range of capacitor two electrode will produce a discharge conditions, as are often mentioned is our usual air breakdown. According to this standard and so on, when the 20 kv, air breakdown distance will be more than 250 mm, so in the design for safety creepage distance, we need to ensure the safe operation of more than 250 mm distance can guarantee. Under the precondition of understanding the alternating current (ac) set of requirements, the new question: in the face of direct current (dc), under the precondition of safety creepage distance should be how to set up again? Generally speaking, if we need to put a 10 kv high voltage capacitor exposed in the air, so safety creepage distance between the poles of more than 10 mm will be safer. Generally the higher the voltage of the high voltage capacitor, electric field strength. So, with the increase of voltage, electrode distance is more demanding, cannot simply be exponentially expanded distance. Such as the three high voltage ceramic capacitor in series into a 100 kv capacitor module, applying a 100 kv voltage, because of the effect of field strength, could eventually lead to near the high voltage side capacitor of the first break. While the interelectrode distance has reached about 500 mm. So for the design of the high voltage capacitor, in addition to highly considerations, engineers need to consider increasing the pressure cap, and ensure the voltage of capacitor is much higher than the rated voltage. The creepage distance is more than the safety of high voltage ceramic capacitors are introduced, after you finish see what help?
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