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How to simply judge the quality of electrolytic capacitors? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-03
If you lack the relevant electrolytic capacitor experimental equipment, then I suggest that if you get an electrolytic capacitor packaging material, you can first identify the packaging information. Generally, many fakes have more problems in this one (you can take a regular electrolytic capacitor) Comparison of the outer packaging). If there is no outer packaging, you can compare the differences of individual devices. Generally, you will see some differences in the rubber plug, the air valve and the insulating paper on the outside. We all know that the basic performance of electrolytic capacitors is roughly the same, such as capacitance, withstand voltage, DF, ESR, or the whole machine is not tested under normal circumstances, and the parameters are basically the same or similar; fake electrolytic capacitors are often in the life of Shorter, so if you have more time or equipment, please do a high-temperature life test, and you can distinguish it; we can also open an electrolytic capacitor directly, and observe its electrolyte color, aluminum paper, and riveting process after opening. The difference can be found, which is a direct and effective method. Now that the products on the market are mixed, it is recommended that electrolytic capacitors should be taken from regular channels.
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