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How to test the quality of electrolytic capacitors | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-03
To know the quality of electrolytic capacitors, it is intuitive and accurate to measure with the resistance profile of a multimeter. We all know that the capacity of electrolytic capacitors is much larger than that of general fixed capacitors. Therefore, when measuring, choose a suitable range for different capacities. According to experience, in general, the capacitance between 1 and 47μF can be measured with the R×1k block, and the capacitance larger than 47μF can be measured with the R×100 block. First, connect the red test lead of the multimeter to the negative pole and the black test lead to the positive pole. At the moment of contact, the pointer of the multimeter will deflect to the right by a greater degree (for the same electrical barrier, the greater the capacity, the greater the swing), and then gradually turn to the left Until it stops at a certain position. The resistance at this time is the forward leakage resistance of the electrolytic capacitor, which is slightly larger than the reverse leakage resistance. Practical experience shows that the leakage resistance of electrolytic capacitors should generally be more than several hundred kΩ, otherwise, it will not work normally. In the test, if there is no charging phenomenon in the forward and reverse directions, that is, the hand does not move, it means that the capacity has disappeared or the internal circuit is broken; if the measured resistance value is very small or zero, it means that the capacitor has a large leakage or has been broken down. Can no longer be used. For electrolytic capacitors with unknown positive and negative signs, the above-mentioned leakage resistance measurement method can be used to distinguish. That is to measure the leakage resistance arbitrarily, remember its size, and then exchange the test leads to measure a resistance value. The larger resistance of the two measurements is the positive connection, that is, the black test lead is connected to the positive electrode, and the red test lead is connected to the negative electrode. Use a multimeter to block electricity and charge the electrolytic capacitor in forward and reverse directions. According to the magnitude of the pointer swing to the right, the capacity of the electrolytic capacitor can be estimated.
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