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How to use metal film capacitors scientifically | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-10
For high-quality metal film capacitors, the measurement frequency should be within the positive and negative deviations at 1 kHz ±20 Hz (if larger than 1 microfarad polyester capacitor, the test frequency is 120 Hz), and the measurement temperature should be 25 ºC ±5 °C. The standard deviation is ±10%. The dielectric strength is the maximum peak voltage that the capacitor can withstand at the rated room temperature. It can be measured by applying a specified multiple of the rated voltage value through a current limiting resistor of 100Ω per volt for one minute. The life of metal film capacitors is ±3 °C at the highest rated temperature. Applying a specified multiple of the rated voltage to the capacitor lasts for 500 or 1,000 (+72, -2) hours. There must be no appearance, no damage and no change in capacitance value by more than ±5%. The insulation resistance will not drop to 50% of the initial limit. The loss tangent will not exceed the initial limit. The structure of metal film capacitors is different from that of foil film. Here to teach you how to choose. For metallized film capacitors, aluminum is sprayed onto the dielectric film to form capacitor plates by thin film vacuum deposition. Compared with capacitors made of separate foil and film layers, the metallization has a smaller size, lighter weight, lower cost per farad, and self-healing properties. But it also results in a lower current capacity. Smaller size and low cost are particularly attractive in terms of high rated capacitance. The self-healing of metal film capacitors means that an internal short-circuit due to transient overvoltage or defects in the film can be removed by vaporizing aluminum at the defect location within a few microseconds. This is a small fault in the applied voltage, but the capacitor is not permanently damaged to avoid a negligible decrease in capacitance.
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