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In 2019, domestic aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry development present situation forecast analysis

by:Shenmao     2020-12-30
Passive electronic components (capacitor is three Resistors, capacitors and inductors) One of an important position in the electronic components industry, an indispensable basic electronic components, electronic circuit in the machine use electronic components, capacitors, USES the most extensive, most consumable, accounts for about 40% of the total dosage of electronic components, and aluminum electrolytic capacitor because of the high performance and low cost, wide range of USES, get great development in the world in recent 20 years, its output value accounts for about a third of the whole capacitor market, its annual growth rate held steady at around 8%, may further expand the market share, and the future of aluminum electrolytic capacitor proportion is the largest, most widely application scope also. Global aluminum electrolytic capacitor application dosage proportion is in the field of consumer electronics products accounted for 45%, industry accounted for 23%, 13%, 7%, 5%, other 7%. Monitor, CD audio, television, power supplies and the motherboard products are the most typical applications of aluminum electrolytic capacitor. A, capacitor occupied half of the passive components industry: passive components is electronic industry in Taiwan for resistor, capacitor, inductor, transformer and other electronic components. Different from active components, passive components is to point to will not affect the signal characteristics, only make the signal circuit element through without change. In passive electronic components products constitute a capacitor accounted for over half share of around 66%. Capacitance of passive components half share capacitor is one of widely used electronic components in electronic equipment, it by a layer of insulation between two metal electrodes dielectric. Belong to the energy storage capacitor itself electronic components, when the capacitor when voltage is applied on both ends of the metal electrodes, electrode will be storage charge. The extremes of capacitor when has the positive and negative charge directly connected closed conductor loop, will have the short current conductor. According to different capacitor manufacturing material, concrete can be divided into: aluminum electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, film capacitors, etc. The ceramic capacitor market accounted for 43%, ranked first. Ceramic capacitor is the use of high dielectric constant of ceramics as a medium, it has advantages of good stability, high insulation, high pressure resistance, but its capacitance is small, and easy to be pulse voltage breakdown, suitable for precision tuning of high-frequency oscillation circuit. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor market accounted for 34%, in second place. The advantages of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is: capacitance per unit volume is higher than ceramic capacitor dozens of first one hundred times; Can be tens of thousands of & mu; F or even a few f high rated capacitance; Ceramic capacitor compared with overwhelming advantage. But poor stability of leakage and problems, suitable for power filtering or low frequency circuits. Tantalum capacitors and film capacitor market accounts for the score of 12% and 8%, which is mainly used for tantalum capacitor in demanding circuit instead of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and film capacitor is mainly used in radio, electronic instruments, such as circuit circuit compensation. Second, the aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry mature, Japanese dominance declining aluminum electrolytic capacitor is made the anode, aluminum cylinder and load liquid electrolyte, and then insert a bend of the anode aluminum foil do. Aluminum foil still need to be treated with dc voltage, make its surface to form a layer of oxide film medium. Anode aluminum foil by corrosion due to increase its surface area several times to hundreds, and capacitance per unit volume of aluminum electrolytic capacitor capacitor several times to dozens times than others. At the same time because of the oxide film has a one-way conductive properties, so the aluminum electrolytic capacitor has the polarity, is negative when using do not meet the. Accompany with rapid development of electronic components in the 20th century, aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry has been into the rapid expansion of the golden week period, such as NCC was born, Nichicon, Rubycon international well-known enterprise in the industry. At present, the global aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry is a mature, stable, and the growth of the industry, the industry as a whole scale of about $5 billion, an average annual growth rate within 10%. 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