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Inverter with large aluminum electrolytic process requirement

by:Shenmao     2020-12-25
( 1) The role of the electrolyte in high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitor was especially true in large products. A good electrolyte formula, with unique preparation process is the eradication of high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitor & other; Yang corrosion & throughout; The fundamental approach. The stand or fall of electrolyte performance also determines the yield of product and performance and durability. So the large capacity of high voltage products require more strict than the small capacity (electrolyte 2) Impregnation process is the key. It is important to pay special attention to the core drying moderate before impregnation. Vacuum impregnation is more of an advantage than pressure impregnating, dipping time and temperature should be controlled appropriately, dipping time is too long against roa improvement. ( 3) Riveting process is to reduce loss and guarantee the large ripple current key resistance, should pay special attention to spine riveting piece and contact resistance test. ( 4) Sophisticated technology, the electrolytic capacitor manufacturer still commonly use open room temperature, but must pay attention to health. Protect the resistance is necessary. High temperature experienced time should be appropriately extended, if necessary, can use double pulse sophisticated technology, as much as possible to reduce the leakage current.
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