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Is it difficult to make capacitor orders? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-01
Capacitor orders are not difficult or difficult to make, only the order can not be received, if the order is not received, don’t talk about the difficulty of doing it, or even do it, but you have been working hard in the capacitor industry for a long time, you can also read this article Let me share with you, which type of order is more difficult to make, and the capacitor order that is difficult to make or even I don't want to receive! The small number of capacitor orders is the most tangled one for capacitor manufacturers, because the peak production season is not continuous, and the production plan of the manufacturer will not always maintain a large number of production equipment. During the off-season, the number of production will be reduced. As a result, the number of capacitor purchases has also decreased. The amount of such orders received by capacitor manufacturers is generally not large, including labor costs, equipment depreciation, and raw material costs. These add up, the profitability conditions are greatly reduced, because capacitors The profit of the industry is originally generated by the number of capacitors. The smaller the number of capacitors produced, the less profit can be made. And it is too embarrassing not to accept orders, because if this time rejects next year’s peak production season, the manufacturer may It will transfer the order, so it is more difficult to make the order. For partial specification orders of capacitors, this type of manufacturer will always look for capacitor manufacturers to cooperate. The main reason is that this capacitor manufacturer can meet the other’s capacitor requirements, but there are advantages and disadvantages. This type of capacitor is not a popular type of capacitor. The manufacturer can’t use it, and the manufacturer who can use it doesn’t know when this type of electronic product will be eliminated. Once the corresponding type of electronic product is eliminated, the capacitor developed by this type of capacitor is basically obsolete, and the dependence is too strong. This type of order, and the partial specifications of the capacitor can not be produced as soon as it comes. The Ru0026D team has to develop customized materials and the size and performance of the capacitor. The cost is a lot, and this type is often encountered. In the situation, the cost of developing a capacitor for the manufacturer was 10,000 to 20,000. As a result, the manufacturer placed orders several times and the market did not respond well, so the production plan was stopped, and the cost could not be earned. Capacitor drag orders, compared with everyone hates the taste of owing money, capacitor manufacturers are no exception, because they all rely on capacitor order money to pay workers. If you negotiate with the manufacturer, it will be a one-month payment cycle. The other party’s habitual delay of payment lasts for two or three months. This kind of order is undoubtedly the biggest problem for the capacitor company. One is that the other party’s company fails to get the money back, and the other is that it will cost a lot of legal proceedings. In my mind, the general monthly settlement customers usually reach a monthly purchase amount of more than 50,000 yuan and they can agree to monthly settlement, so the risk of the amount is not small. It does not mean that the monthly settlement capacitor order is not good. Every company needs capital turnover. They all understand it well, mainly because they have to drag the payment under the premise of the monthly settlement, and this kind of capacitor order is also very difficult to make.
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