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Is the operating temperature parameter of the capacitor important?

by:Shenmao     2021-05-08
The parameters of capacitors are generally only the model specifications that you care about. If you have a deeper understanding, it is his raw materials and production processes. There is often a parameter that will be ignored and not care about. That is the temperature parameter of the capacitor. Why not too Do more purchases or engineers pay attention to the temperature parameters of the capacitors, and the temperature parameters of the capacitors are not important, this article will explain in detail. The concept of the temperature parameter of the capacitor is that after the capacitor has just been put into the production market and various types of electronic products have been developed, in certain areas, the use of such electronic products will have an extremely short service life and easy damage. After investigation, we learned that in certain areas, the temperature of capacitors cannot work normally, which leads to the unusable and damaged electronic products. With regard to this problem, engineers began to develop the temperature characteristics of capacitors. Fixed qualitative, now general capacitors have a minimum operating temperature and a maximum operating temperature parameters, which can be verified by testing. It is because the problem of capacitor temperature that has been overcome in the previous stage, the capacitors produced in the subsequent production meet the minimum temperature and maximum temperature standards. Except for a few capacitors that require greater temperature resistance, they will be specially designed, so many engineers follow purchases When selecting capacitors, they don’t care too much about the temperature parameters of the capacitor. Although they don’t pay much attention to the use of temperature parameters, this temperature data parameter must still be provided, because capacitors such as electrolytic capacitors use temperature. Parameter data is more important. The most obvious shortcoming of electrolytic capacitors is the service life, and the temperature parameter helps the other party to calculate the service life of an electrolytic capacitor at a specific temperature. For other types of capacitors, the service life of the capacitor will not be estimated by using temperature parameters.
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