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Life of parsing a password equivalent series resistance ESR

by:Shenmao     2020-10-19

ripple current in the circuit through the aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the ESR of power loss calculation formula is: p = I2 * RESR, relative to other semiconductor devices in the circuit, condenser cooling ability is poor, this is why take load or capacitor to generate heat, I have the power to make the cause of the internal temperature rise, the ability of heat dissipation aluminum capacitor itself and is not very good, so in actual use process, be sure to leave enough margin, cuts cannot be used at full capacity or overload, at the same time, choose the ESR fairly small capacitance also have certain effect to reduce the fever, please pay attention to the relative here means the same design conditions, and can't minimize the numbness of the pursuit of the ESR, and ignore the other factors affecting the service life of capacitance
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