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Life parsing code 2 rated ripple current

by:Shenmao     2020-10-20

the practical applications, the ac ripple current in the circuit after aluminum electrolytic capacitor, will produce loss on the ESR, which makes the condenser heat, and heat to a certain extent can dramatically damage the anode oxidation membrane and the electrolyte, so as to make the electrolytic capacitors in the short term will be failure, so the fever limits must have a limit, through the life test, each manufacturer will give a bear ripple ability limit, this value is rated ripple current value, defined as under the highest working temperature can ensure capacitance within the time specified life allows maximum ripple current. Is the cause of most of domestic small and medium-sized manufacturers, give out the value, but a direct copy some big company, so it will use the approach in fact it is not responsible for the customer, because each capacitor manufacturer technical level and process system is not possible, so the choose and buy our products, it is better to choose everyone knows some of the big brand, so that product quality is guaranteed.
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