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Long-term storage of electrolytic capacitor can also be used?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-07
Failure: aluminum electrolytic capacitor stored for a long period of time will need on a regular basis in the process of electrolytic capacitor in long-term storage rated voltage applied to incentive to keep the activity of the electrolyte, otherwise the electrolyte capacitor will lose activity and aging, but electrolyte loss of active aging, the electrolytic capacitor has failed. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is sensitive to chlorine and bromine element, if using flux, cleaning agents containing halogen, fixative, fumigants, halide may through the sealing rubber plug into capacitor inside, easy to cause the capacitor anode corrosion, accelerated in the wake of the electricity capacitor failure. So must be strictly controlled production process using relevant sensitive in the process of preparation of halogen elements. Aluminum electrolysis by the deposit under the environment of high temperature for a long time after dinner, capacitor anode oxidation membrane and electrolyte can produce chemical reaction, cause pressure drop, increase leakage current. When all of a sudden it with electricity, close to the rated voltage, the capacitor voltage may cause overvoltage failure or leakage through the large lead to overheating. Electrolytic capacitor for interior with electrolyte, after long-term storage may be electrolyte dried up, and led to the decrease of the capacity and can't even use. While the other does not contain electrolyte capacitor long stored basic no problem, of course the premise is suitable storage condition, can't be affected with damp be affected with damp. Capacitor should be stored under the condition of without dismantling the packaging, not exposed to direct sunlight or in the dust, generally should be at room temperature ( 10~30℃) ( Relative humidity below 75%) Under the environment of preservation. Such as long-term under high temperature and high humidity environment, will not only make the introduces the weldability, welding piece and will make the performance of the condenser. In principle, the retention time for 2 years, please check again for more than retention time of the products, confirm no abnormality before using. To choose the best choice on electrolytic capacitors manufacturer of qualified certification, the market a lot of capacitance is stealing voltage, the phenomenon of life, so in order to circuit boards using life you recommend choosing electrolytic capacitor manufacturers. Please carefully chosen capacitor.
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