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Looking Forward: Formation of Capacitor Industry Chain and Accelerating Upgrading

by:Shenmao     2021-06-16
Capacitors play the role of filtering, coupling, DC blocking, and energy storage in the circuit. It is widely used in various household appliances, computers, mobile communications, automotive electronics, smart grids, aerospace, rail transit and other fields. It is one of the indispensable main components in electronic equipment. The capacitor industry has conscientiously implemented various policies of the party and the country, and has made great achievements in industrial structure, industrial scale, economic efficiency, technical level, and foreign exchange earning through export. It has become a professional category with basically complete varieties and specifications. The industry system has become the world's largest producer and exporter of capacitors, and has made major contributions to the development of the national economy and the modernization of national defense. Over the past 60 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, my country’s capacitors have undergone a process of growing from scratch, growing from small to large, and developing continuously: Capacitor sales have grown rapidly in the world’s second capacitor industry, becoming the world’s largest capacitor producer and exporter, satisfying the development of domestic complete machines Demand and export needs. According to industry statistics, there are more than 600 capacitor factories of a certain scale in my country. Old state-owned enterprises in the capacitor industry, such as Beijing No. 1 and No. 3 Radio Equipment Factory restructured into Beijing Seven Star Huachuang Electronics Co., Ltd., Chengdu Hongming Radio Equipment Factory was restructured into Chengdu Hongming Electronics Co., Ltd., and the old third-line factory in the electronic component industry, such as The 083 base in Guizhou and the capacitor factory in Luonan area of u200bu200bShaanxi entered China Zhenhua Group and Xi’an Chuanglian Electronic Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. through reorganization or restructuring. After the restructuring, these companies have shown a good development trend, with enhanced new product development capabilities, increased product market benefits, and improved economic benefits. They still undertake the tasks of military industry support and have entered the ranks of the top 100 electronic component companies. Capacitor collectives, township and village enterprises, under the strong support and guidance of national policies, have continued to grow and become the main force of capacitors. Guangdong Fenghua, Chaozhou Third Ring Road, Xiamen Farah, Shanghai Feilo, Nantong Jianghai, Hunan Aihua, Jiangsu Warwick , Anhui Tongfeng, Shenzhen Special Development, Zhenhua Xinyun, Fujian Torch, Yangzhou Shengda, Zhejiang Wufeng, Shenzhen Yuyang, etc. are among the top 100 electronic component companies in China in 2012, most of which have successfully established in China Outside listing. Foreign-funded enterprises have become the main force in the export of capacitors. With the deepening of the reform of the foreign economic system and the development of trade and investment facilitation, foreign-funded enterprises, Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises such as the United States’ Yoshimei, Japan’s Murata, Kyocera, Panasonic, Taiyo Yuden, and Taiwan’s Lilong, Fengbin, Yageo, He Zhongtang, Hong Kong's Manyu, South Korea's Sanying, Sanhe, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics have all established factories in China. They have made efforts to improve the technical level and international market share of Chinese capacitors. Great contribution. According to industry statistics, the current sales of capacitors in my country are 63.7 billion yuan, accounting for 4.64% of the electronic component sales of 1.373.7 billion yuan, and 24% of the world's sales, ranking second in the world after Japan (26%). The development of the capacitor industry in China was promoted by the localization of color TV sets in the 1980s. Recall that before 1978, there was no automatic winding machine, automatic assembly machine, automatic measuring machine, and automatic welding machine for capacitors in China. From the end of the 'Five' period to the beginning of the 'Eighth Five-Year Plan' period, more than 300 production lines of various types of capacitors have been introduced, as many as 15,000-18,000 of various types of automatic assembly machines, testing machines, packaging machines, and marking machines. Vacuum coating machines for film capacitors There are 80-90 units with a film capacity of 20,000 tons. Since then, the economic scale of my country's capacitors has continued to expand, the technical level has been continuously improved, and the varieties and specifications are basically complete. They have met the needs of consumer products such as color TVs, refrigerators, and air conditioners, but the development of chip capacitors has not been fast. During the 'Eighth Five-Year Plan' period, chip components are the country's key emerging industry and are included in the country's catalog of encouraging foreign investment. Foreign investment is active and joint ventures are developing rapidly. my country's chip capacitors are available in varieties, output, and import and export. Rapid growth. For example, the output of chip ceramic capacitors in 1995 was only 2.46 billion. According to incomplete statistics, the output is more than 716.7 billion. In 2011, exports alone reached 926.506 billion pieces. Chip tantalum capacitors, chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and chip film capacitors also provide supporting and export. After entering the 1990s, with the rapid development of the complete machine market, especially mobile communications, the requirements for high frequency, high temperature, high voltage, and miniaturization of capacitors have become higher and higher. On the one hand, domestic capacitor manufacturers have implemented Assimilated, purchased equipment for research and development, and at the same time, foreign-funded enterprises and joint ventures have also increased rapidly. The capacitor industry has grown rapidly and has become the world's largest capacitor producer and exporter, meeting the needs of domestic development and export of complete machines. The capacitor industry chain has basically taken shape. The process equipment and raw materials for manufacturing capacitors have formed an industrial group to meet the needs of the capacitor industry and are exported overseas.
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