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by:Shenmao     2021-06-15
During the pneumonia epidemic, Shenmao Capacitors shouldered significant production pressure to fully meet the mask machine capacitors required by the mask machine production industry. As the epidemic gradually stabilized, the mask machine market became saturated, and consumers began to use them at a price. Cheap masks, but as the epidemic abroad began to worsen, a new round of production is needed to facilitate assistance to people abroad. It is not too late to start the production of mask machines. For the time being, the domestic epidemic situation and the price of masks are relatively stable, and a large number of masks are still needed abroad, and masks or mask machines can be exported to foreign countries, so in There are still some in the market. Shenmao began mass production of the capacitors needed for mask machines in February, and has not received a single complaint in terms of product quality. In order to meet the delivery time, it is also rushed to produce day and night. Now Shenmao's mask machine capacitors are not only quality Reliable, and sufficient in stock, it can be said that the order can be delivered on the same day! However, we still need a warm reminder here. If the main market for the production of mask machines or the purchase of mask machines is set in China, it can be temporarily delayed. If there are export qualifications and various qualification certificates, you can rest assured production. The foreign market is still relatively objective. If you need to produce mask machines and need to purchase mask machine capacitors, you can contact Shenmao online customer service at any time. A large number of mask machine capacitors-CBB81, CBB80, CBB65, etc., are available in stock. Hope this article can help you!
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