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Matters needing attention on the exterior and interior of metal film capacitors|Focus on manufacturers of mid-to-high-end brand capacitors

by:Shenmao     2021-03-29
When analyzing the quality of metal film capacitors, sometimes the separation of fillers, pigments and resins occurs on the outer surface of the metal film capacitors, and there are translucent streaks of cured epoxy resin. This is mainly due to the improper proportion of each component of the epoxy resin formulation when the components are formulated. The A component of the epoxy resin encapsulant is a mixture of epoxy resin, fillers, and pigments. If the filler is excessive in the component ratio, the component viscosity will inevitably be too high, because the material for impregnating the capacitor core must be adjusted to an appropriate viscosity with a reactive diluent to meet the process requirements. If the viscosity of the component is high, the amount of diluent will increase. For example, under normal circumstances, a 30% dilution can meet the viscosity required by the process. If the viscosity of the component is too high, 50% to 70% of the thinner must be added to achieve the required viscosity. In this way, the diluent changes from a minor component to a major component. The active diluent has low viscosity and low specific gravity. The fillers and pigments are both metal oxides with a large specificity, and the diluent has weak adsorption to them, which causes precipitation and separation. Because this precipitation is a gradual process. No separation can be found during impregnation. When the metal film capacitor is encapsulated and placed in an oven for curing. Due to the weakening of the hydrogen bonding force of fumed silica, the precipitation is accelerated. After the epoxy resin encapsulant is cured, transparent stripes are formed in the resin part without fillers and pigments. Obviously, the key to solving this problem is that the proportion of fillers and pigments should be appropriate when formulating epoxy resin components. In addition, the amount of fumed silica added to the epoxy resin encapsulant before dipping the capacitor should not be excessive, otherwise it will cause excessive addition of diluent to adjust the viscosity, which will cause separation. The causes of bubbles and pores in the epoxy resin encapsulation layer of metal film capacitors are obvious. Firstly, the gas in the encapsulant, and secondly, the gas inside the capacitor core. Therefore, before dipping and encapsulating, the epoxy resin encapsulant must be vacuumed and the metal film capacitor core must be vacuumed. Because there is a lot of gas inside the core of the metal film capacitor and the lead welding place, the vacuum treatment is not good, and the gas will expand during the heating and curing process of the encapsulating material, causing the capacitor to produce bubbles and pores. If the capacitor is vacuum-encapsulated, it is placed at room temperature for a period of time to make the encapsulating material slowly solidify. When the encapsulating material reaches a certain hardness, it is placed in an oven to heat and solidify, so that bubbles will not be easily generated. To learn more about the characteristics of metal film capacitors, please call 0755-85274135
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