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Metal film capacitor manufacturers introduce the advantages of capacitors | focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-05
Metal film capacitors can generally be divided into the following categories. First, parallel metal film capacitors are called mobile metal film capacitors. It is mainly used to compensate the reactive power of the inductive load of the power system to increase the power factor, improve the voltage quality, and reduce the line loss. The second is to connect metal film capacitors in series. It is connected in series in power frequency high voltage transmission and distribution lines to compensate the distributed inductance of the line, improve the static and dynamic stability of the system, improve the voltage quality of the line, extend the power transmission distance and increase the transmission capacity. The third type is coupling metal capacitors. Mainly used for high-frequency communication, measurement, control, protection of high-voltage power lines, and as components in devices for extracting electrical energy. The fourth type is the circuit breaker metal film capacitor. Formerly known as voltage equalizing capacitor. Parallel connection on the fracture of the ultra-high voltage circuit breaker has the effect of equalizing the voltage, so that the voltage between the fractures is uniform during and during the breaking process, and can improve the arc extinguishing characteristics of the circuit breaker and increase the breaking capacity. The fifth type of electrothermal metal film capacitor. Used in electric heating equipment systems with a frequency of 40 to 24000 Hz to increase the power factor and improve the voltage or frequency characteristics of the loop. In general, metal film capacitors integrate advanced technologies such as modern measurement and control, power electronics, network communications, automation control, and power capacitors. It has changed the backward controller technology of the traditional reactive power compensation device and the backward mechanical contactor or electromechanical integrated switch as the switching technology of the switching capacitor, and changed the bulky and heavy structure mode of the traditional reactive power compensation device, thus making The new generation of low-voltage reactive power compensation equipment has the characteristics of better compensation effect, smaller size, lower power consumption, lower price, more cost savings, more flexible use, more convenient maintenance, longer service life, and higher reliability. , To adapt to the higher requirements of modern power grids for reactive power compensation.
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