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Metal film capacitor outsourcing patent leather should pay attention to the situation

by:Shenmao     2021-03-29
The metal film capacitor produced with the encapsulant compounded by the thinner had the problem that the ink did not dry after printing the logo. We analyzed that in addition to the quality of the ink, it may be that the manufacturer added a defoamer in the process of preparing the thinner. There are many types of defoamers, such as saturated alcohols, fatty acids and other esters, and silicone oils. These substances are hard-to-volatile organic compounds with high boiling points. They can reduce the surface tension of the liquid, prevent the formation of foam, or reduce or eliminate the original foam. At the same time, they can also play a role in plasticizing the polymer. It is uniformly mixed in the polymer to weaken the force between the polymer molecules, thereby reducing the viscosity and increasing the fluidity. These liquids are like oils. When the metal film capacitors are heated and solidified in the oven, they will easily precipitate on the surface of the capacitors, making the marking ink and the product not sticky. Therefore, the defoamer or toughening agent in the diluent must be selected appropriately and added in an appropriate amount, otherwise it will cause trouble for product printing. The color of the metal film capacitor is darkened by the epoxy resin outsourcing sealing material layer. The metal film capacitor is brown. However, sometimes the color of the epoxy resin encapsulant becomes darker after heating and curing, or it becomes darker locally, or darker on one side. The color of the epoxy resin encapsulant A component is composed of iron red, iron yellow, and red lead in a certain proportion. The color darkening phenomenon, our analysis is mainly caused by the change of the pigment. Iron oxide red (Fe2O3) is relatively stable and not easy to change; red lead (Pb3O4) decomposes into lead monoxide and oxygen when heated to 500℃. Generally speaking, the oven will not reach such a high temperature; while iron oxide yellow (Fe2O3-H2O) is Crystal form iron oxide hydrate, it is easy to get rid of crystal water and change color when heated. During the heating and curing process of the metal film capacitor in the oven, there is a possibility that the temperature of the part near the heating wire is too high. There are many vent holes on the bottom of some ovens. The heating wire can directly heat the capacitor. The temperature of that part must be quite high. This will easily cause the decomposition of the iron oxide yellow pigment. This is why the capacitor near the bottom of the oven occurs. The reason for the black streak phenomenon corresponding to the plate hole. This problem was solved when we increased the distance between the capacitor and the bottom plate and strengthened the temperature cycle to prevent the local temperature from being too high. But to solve the problem fundamentally, we should start with the pigment, such as changing the iron oxide yellow to chrome yellow.
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