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Metal film capacitors are recognized by the market|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-22
Metal film capacitors are small in size and light in weight, and have low loss, low heat generation, low temperature rise, long working life, very good energy-saving effect, and very good self-healing ability. In addition, its safety performance is very good, with built-in self-discharge resistance and safety device, it is safe to use. No oil leakage during use to avoid environmental pollution. The main products are power automatic compensation controller, cylindrical self-healing low-voltage shunt capacitor, self-healing low-voltage special capacitor AC contactor for mineral heat, etc. Cylindrical low-voltage self-healing parallel metal film capacitor low-voltage self-healing shunt capacitor, the capacitor element adopts high-quality low-loss metal film. After slitting and winding in a clean environment below the dynamic level of 1000, the end face is sprayed with gold and sealed in an aluminum shell. Through high-tech methods, drying under high vacuum and injecting special protective materials. The use of unique and reliable safety over-voltage pull-off protection technology makes it the latest generation of low-voltage self-healing capacitors, and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Metal film capacitors use advanced silver-zinc-aluminum composite edge thickened metalized wax as the material. The introduction of advanced equipment and technology is mainly used for the secondary low reactive power compensation of submerged arc furnaces, improves the power factor, reduces the reactive power of the smelting system, reduces power consumption, and provides a new method for energy saving and consumption reduction of high energy consumption enterprises. It is strongly recommended by the country The best product of the section used. Always pay close attention to and follow the development trends of the international capacitor industry, constantly carry out technological upgrading and transformation, and maintain the advanced nature of product technology and processing and testing equipment, and have been unanimously affirmed by the market.
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