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New energy development for metal film capacitor manufacturers | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-03
Metal film capacitors have the characteristics of high power density and energy density, long service life, and compact size. When combined with other emerging battery technologies, they can meet the needs of high-performance power applications. This article analyzes these new energy storage solutions and how they are used. Engineers have more choices to meet the needs of backup power.   Although there are several metal film capacitor manufacturers around the world offering a variety of products, most double-layer capacitors are basically constructed in a similar way. The structure of supercapacitors is very similar to that of electrolytic capacitors or batteries. The main difference is that the electrode materials used are different. In supercapacitors, the electrodes are based on carbon material technology, which provides a very large surface area. The surface area is large and the charge interval is small, so that the supercapacitor has a high energy density. A battery or super capacitor can serve as this energy buffer. Since the required buffer energy is small and the reliability must be guaranteed, supercapacitors are a better choice for this application. Nowadays, more and more metal film capacitor manufacturers are considering using metal film capacitors as an integral part of the entire backup power package.  To meet this demand, global metal film capacitor manufacturers have provided many batteries and modules for the backup power market. These batteries and modules can be placed in parallel/serial form to meet different capacity and voltage requirements. As more supercapacitor products come out and more and more products are available, design engineers can use supercapacitors like other passive devices.
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