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News: Film capacitors PK aluminum electrolytic capacitors, who will be the best in the future? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-17
At present, the market capacity of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in the new energy market is still greater than that of film capacitors, but with excellent performance, the penetration rate of film capacitors is also increasing. In the future, who will replace aluminum electrolytic capacitors with film capacitors, or differentiate the market based on the high voltage range? At the upcoming 78th China Electronics Show, the 'Capacitor Application and Selection Seminar' hosted by China Electronic Equipment Corporation and China Electronic Components Industry Association, and undertaken by China Electronics Business News Magazine and the Capacitor Branch of China Electronic Components Industry Association It will focus on the application prospects and market development of these two types of capacitors in the green emerging industries, and provide engineers and purchasers with reference to selection and application design, and improve the design and purchase capabilities of Chinese local engineers and purchasers. Well-known capacitor companies at home and abroad that have participated in previous China Electronics Shows and capacitor seminars include: Farah Electronics, TDK, EPSON, KEMET, YAGEO, TAIYOYUDEN, MURATA, Lilong Electronics, Jianghai shares, Aihua Group, Heshentang, Yiyang Zijiang , Fenghua Hi-Tech, Yuyang Technology, Changzhou Warwick, BDC International, Shanghai Aowei, Sanhuan Group, Songfill, Meilong Electronics, Heketai Electronics, Seven Star Capacitors, Bingyang Electronics, Puze Industry, Shenzhen Rongliang Electronics, Fujian Torch Electronics, etc. In which areas will the 'Twelfth Five-Year' development plan bring opportunities and challenges for capacitors? In the future new energy market, which aluminum electrolytic capacitor and film capacitor will take the lead? In our seminar, you will explore the answers together with industry department directors, experts and manufacturers we invited.
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