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News: The aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry will accelerate development driven by multiple factors | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-05
Capacitors are the most widely used electronic components. Capacitors are used almost where electricity is used. As an important branch of capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors account for more than one-third of the proportion of capacitors. In recent years, through continuous improvement, perfection and innovation of its own, aluminum electrolytic capacitors continue to develop in the direction of small size, large capacity, and low-cost impedance, with more obvious performance advantages, continuous expansion of application fields, and increasing market demand. With the continuous expansion of downstream application fields, the continuous improvement of the supporting capabilities of the industrial chain, and the continuous enhancement of the manufacturing level of domestic enterprises, my country's aluminum electrolytic capacitors will usher in faster and better development. In recent years, my country’s consumer electronics market has ushered in a period of prosperity. The sales of consumer electronics products such as flat-panel TVs, smart phones, tablet computers, notebook computers, digital cameras and other products have continued to increase, driving the market demand for aluminum electrolytic capacitors. . With the acceleration of the update of consumer electronic products in my country and the steady improvement of residents' consumption capacity, the industry will continue to maintain the growth momentum in the next few years, which will bring a broad market space to the aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry. At the same time, aluminum electrolytic capacitors are also widely used in emerging fields such as automotive electronics, communications, frequency conversion, and new energy. These downstream areas are all industries that the state encourages development and have great growth potential, which will inevitably expand more demand for aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
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