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Non-inductive winding method for the internal structure of metal film capacitors | Focus on middle and high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-01
The full name of metal film capacitor is metalized film capacitor. It uses organic film as the dielectric, and a layer of metal coating is vapor-deposited on the organic film as the electrode of the capacitor. As mentioned before, the inner core of the metal film capacitor is formed by winding fingers. However, there is something worth noting about the lead-out method-the non-inductive winding method. However, when it comes to non-inductive winding, we must not have to talk about the big category of film capacitors. Metal film capacitors are also a type of film capacitors, and there are also metal foil film capacitors and film foil film capacitors. In contrast to the non-inductive winding method, the inductive winding method is generally used on metal foil capacitors to represent CL11 polyester capacitors. Generally, on capacitors that use aluminum foil as electrodes, the capacitors in which the leads are drawn directly from the positive and negative electrodes are called capacitors that use the inductive winding method. The metal film capacitor uses a non-inductive winding method. The so-called non-inductive winding method refers to the short circuit between the turns of the same electrode after spraying gold or pre-welding on the end surface. This makes the current flow direction of the metal film capacitor follow the width direction of the electrode instead of the length direction of the electrode, which greatly reduces the loss and inductance of the metal film capacitor. For more details, please call the national toll-free hotline: 4006299138.
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