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Non-polar capacitor can take the place of polar capacitor?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-12

non-polarity capacitance can take the place of polar capacitor? There is no polarity of ideal capacitance, originally. But in practice, in order to obtain the large capacity, use some special material and structure, which leads to some actual capacitance is nonpolar. Common polar capacitor aluminum electrolytic capacitor, tantalum electrolytic capacitor, etc. Electrolytic capacitor is usually relatively large capacity. If you want to do a non-polar capacitors, large capacity is not so easy, volume will become large. This is why, in the actual circuit, why are there so many polar capacitor - — Because it is small volume, at the same time, because the circuit voltage in only one direction, so the polar capacitor can come in handy. We use polar capacitor, is to avoid its shortcomings, use of its advantages. We can understand it this way: is there a polar capacitor is actually a can only be used according to the direction of a voltage of capacitor. While non-polar capacitor, two voltage direction can be used. Single direction from voltage, therefore, this point, there is no polarity of capacitance is more good than have a polar capacitor. Can see from the above analysis, the use of non-polar capacitors instead of polar capacitor is completely can - — As long as the capacity, working voltage, such as volume can meet the requirements can be replaced.
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