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Non-polar capacitor detection method of resolution

by:Shenmao     2020-10-13

1。 The test voltage is one of the most simple and effective judgment method. First on both ends of the capacitor under test connected to a power supply plug of the wire, the same between conductor and a capacitor in series connected to an ac fuse tube, and then insert the plug into the power socket, charging time about for several seconds if the string connected to the fuse burned immediately shows capacitor has a short circuit. And when the fuse is not burn out after several seconds, immediately unplug the power plug and insulation screwdriver metal rods and quick to short circuit capacitor at both ends. If the capacitor is normal, short-circuit moments will be emitted electric spark discharge, when the greater the capacitance of electric spark, the more intense, and with very crispy Fried noise. After a few times and, if the electricity and short circuit, no spark appear or of edm is very weak, there is no sound, is the internal circuit or electrical capacitor capacity has serious attenuation, also can make scrap processing. 2. Use of capacitor charging and discharging characteristics, use the multimeter to measuring judgment. - Aluminum electrolytic capacitors manufacturer supply will first multimeter to R x 1 k or Rxlok block, two pens and jumper capacitor electrodes, the multimeter pointer swing sharply, and point to zero potential, pointer will slowly back to more than hundreds of dry Europe, prove capacitor trouble-free. If the pointer is at zero potential still not returned, that inside has short circuit capacitor. But stop at a certain scale such as Pointers is not returned, and capacitor has serious leakage, cannot continue to use again. And when to use pens and two electrodes measured resistance value between the pin and the outer shell, all display value of infinity as normal. 3. By megohmmeter measurement can correctly judge whether the capacitor is internal short circuit and open circuit. Choose range at level 250 v megohmmeter, when measuring the megohmmeter end clamp in capacitor lead and shell, respectively, when shaken by arrive slow fast handle by megger, whose hands point to infinity ( ∞) When that capacitor inside has open circuit fault, and whose hands point to dial zero bits, when prove capacitor internal short-circuit fault has been produced, all at the same time can make scrap processing.
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