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Parameter unit of metal film capacitor parameters for metal film capacitor manufacturers|Focus on medium and high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-31
In the previous information, the capacitance, rated voltage and other parameters of the metal film capacitor manufacturers have been explained, but the unit has not been introduced in detail, so here is a summary explanation. For those who go to or consult with metal film capacitor manufacturers, the first thing to notice in the capacitor parameters is the capacitance and rated voltage. The capacitance represents the capacity of the capacitor to store charge, and the unit is law, which is denoted as F. The subdivision units also include mF, uF, nF, and pF. The conversion relationship between them is: 1Fu003du003d1000mFu003d1000000uF, 1uFu003d1000nFu003d1000000pF. Generally, uF is more commonly used in metal film capacitor manufacturers, while nF and pF are less used. The rated voltage is the voltage value that the capacitor can work stably for a long time, the unit is volts, and it is recorded as V. Another parameter that should be noted when consulting the manufacturer of metal film capacitors is the adaptable temperature range of the capacitor, in degrees Celsius and recorded as degrees Celsius. Capacitors can work stably and safely in this temperature range
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