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Part of the code of the axial capacitor|Focus on medium and high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-14
Axial film capacitors are products derived from film capacitors. The essential materials are almost different in appearance. Axial capacitors are cylindrical and axial lead wires. However, axial capacitors have many abbreviations and codes in the industry. Unified name, this article will popularize some codes of axial capacitors. Axial capacitors are also divided into two kinds of materials, one is polypropylene film, the other is polyester film, and the axial direction is made of polypropylene film. The capacitor is called CBB19/20. At present, most of them are directly called CBB20. Another name is MPA-round polypropylene axial capacitor/MPA-flat polypropylene axial capacitor, which can be changed from the appearance and shape. It can be distinguished very well, and then the axial capacitor made of polyester film is called CL19/CL20. At present, most of them are directly called CL20, and there is another name called MET-round polyester axial capacitor/MEA-flat Polyester axial capacitors are also very distinguishable from the appearance. However, if the polypropylene axial capacitor and the polyester axial capacitor are distinguished between the two, it requires a certain degree of knowledge. If it can be distinguished quickly from the printing, if the printed word does not match, then you need to use it. Go to the test instrument to check, but currently there are fewer manufacturers of axial capacitors on the market, so these problems are not frequent. If you have more questions about the axial capacitor code, you can contact our customer service at any time. Your answer
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