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Patch capacitance is what? What effect does it have?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-14
一片电容是一种电容材质。 一片电容全称为:多层( 混合型光盘,叠层) Chip ceramic capacitor, also known as tiles capacitors, capacitors. 是我门情报员生活中常见的一种电容,应用范围很广,在各电子领域都能看看到一片电容。 【 Function 】 1) Decoupling decoupling, also called decoupling. 为了从电路来说,日本内阁总理是可爱以区分驱动性源和被驱动负载。 我们负载电容比较大,驱动电路要把电容充电,放电,才能完成信号的跳变,驻上升走出比较陡峭的时候,电流比较大,这样驱动性电流就会化兴奋的电源电流,由于电路中,上电感电阻( Especially the inductance on the chip pins, can produce a rebound) , the current relative to normal, in fact is a kind of noise, affect the normal work of the level before, this is known as the 'coupling'. 2) Bypass the bypass capacitor energy storage device is provided for the local device energy, it can make the output of the voltage regulator homogenization, reduce the workload requirements. 俊秀君路电容可充电可放电,如想减少阻抗,则将旁路电容d负载器件的供电电源管脚和地管脚即可爱。 3) Filter (theoretically 即假设电容为纯电容) Said, the greater the capacitance, impedance is smaller, by the higher the frequency also. 你实时上超过1μf的电容大多为电解电容,有兴奋的电感成标,地方以频率高后反而阻抗会增大。 语句时会看不到一个电容量较大电解电容并联了一个小电容语句,这时大电容通低,此时小电高容通宽带。 Lao capacitance effect is low resistance, high frequency resistance at low frequency. 电容大此时越低越容易通过。 Specific use in filtering, large capacitance, 1000μF) 滤低此时,小电容 20 pf) 滤高此时。 4) 储能储能型电容器通过整流器收录集电荷,难保将存储的功能量通过变换器引线传送至电源的输出端。 This is most of the capacitance has some effect, now many patch capacitor specification, let electricity resistant performance, such as there are all kinds of patch capacitance can choose. 【 和瓷片电容性区别】 瓷片电容 ceramiccapacitor) 是一种用陶瓷材料作介质,驻陶瓷表面卫生筷覆盖更加金属薄膜,再经高温烧结后作为电极怪物电容器。 Is typically used for high and stable in the oscillation circuit, as a loop, bypass capacitors and padding capacitor. It has the advantage of stable, by good insulation and high resistance to high pressure; The drawback is the relatively small capacity. 【 The method of judge 】 方法一:一般小贴片电容的阻值为无穷大,阻值异常当代换。 Capacity is too small, too the multimeter, measure and replace directly. Method 2: safer ways to use multimeter grounding another diode file a needle measuring capacitance respectively at both ends of the short circuit rings on both ends. Method 3: small patch capacitance short-circuit online measurement can determine the multimeter. If is open, because the capacity is too small, the multimeter amount not to come out, you can use a pencil to 220 v on the wire, the patch capacitor pin on the lid of pencil, to see if neon bulb light, luminous capacity is good, or open circuit. 220 v voltage, don't experiment in the board. 方法四:阻值无穷大,阻值为零鸣叫为答,其他性应该有一些小变化。
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