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Pay attention to the point of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor installation configuration

by:Shenmao     2020-11-12
With electronic machine image of small, high capacity, high density packaging, the capacitance of the surrounding temperature is higher. And run to run more, require high reliability and long life. The service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor with the increase of ambient temperature and shorter. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor on installation configurations, please consider the following content: 1, the capacitance of the surrounding and the inside of the printed wiring board ( Capacitance below) Please try to avoid heating element is placed. 2, the use of the radiator, such as electronic internal heat output of the machine. 3, will open the appropriate shell hole, and at the same time of lower the temperature of the electrical machine, the hole into the air cools the capacitance. 4, especially the use of two sides of the substrate electronic machine, installed in the power module? Near the heating element, from the substrate bonding pad under high heat. In the consumption power of the power supply, please note. 5, electronic machine is inside the upper into high temperature. Using a state machine in the installation position of capacitance placed below as far as possible. Especially with the use of electronic machine please note.
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