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Potentiometer fault repair methods and replacement procedures

by:Shenmao     2021-01-06
Potentiometer is equivalent to continuous adjustable resistor, which can be interpreted as resistance adjustable resistors variable, is simply by adjusting the potentiometer shaft, make its output voltage changes, so people called potentiometer. Potentiometer resistance units and resistor is the same, also be & Omega; In the circuit potentiometer letters & other; RP” To represent & other; W” , its main use partial pressure, shunt and as a rheostat. Potentiometer fault repair methods of 1, at present there are a potentiometer to distinguish without switch potentiometer and another switch, potentiometer, for the use of these two kinds of potentiometer is also very easy to cause some problems, such as relevant will continue or open, or the line contact bad caused the phenomenon such as short circuit, there are some is the interior of the potentiometer element loss and so on. So for these three problem how to repair? First for potentiometer fall off wait for a phenomenon, some components are generally recommend replacing potentiometer. Because components off is hard to recover back, even if we can stick it back, is more dangerous in use, such as for some poor contact failure, poor contact of potentiometer because contact oxidation, commonly after the contact of the potentiometer scrape troubleshooting, for there is another kind of circumstance, it is the potentiometer spring force loss results in poor contact, etc. , for its processing method is to replace the new potentiometer spring. 2, general for the potentiometer using time is long will often caused by carbon membrane damage phenomenon such as poor contact between the lines. The potentiometer poor contact fault occurs, first of all, can open potentiometer shell to check the internal components of wear degree. Such as for just potentiometer mild wear caused by the bad contact of reason, can use some special industrial nearby, or carbon tetrachloride carbon film potentiometer can be material such as to wash, after being swabbed clean, in according to adjust potentiometer slider on the carbon film stress, then on the back. In nonlinear potentiometer, two fixed on a chip can't lead wrong, otherwise will affect the potentiometer control effect in the circuit. For example, two fixed volume potentiometer JiaoPian wiring after pick up against each other, more when turning the handle just turn the volume is very big, then the volume almost no longer increases when the volume knob, losing control volume controller of linear features. Amplifier the volume potentiometer is varied, but generally common duplex potentiometer, is used to control the left and right two channel volume, are generally single shaft, occasionally meet double biaxial volume potentiometer, the volume potentiometer problems have commonly, rotary control volume when there will be noise, or two channel volume, would then replace the volume potentiometer, potentiometer after use for a long time, carbon film aging appear tiny cracks is the main reason of resulting in a decline in the volume potentiometer quality, this is you need to thoroughly change the potentiometer. Potentiometer replacement how much steps potentiometer root pin, in order to prevent wrong pin when replacement, can adopt the following concrete steps and methods: step 1, the original of the potentiometer with set screws removed, but don't weld the lead on the original potentiometer led JiaoPian, to lead on the potentiometer. Step 2, the new potentiometer is installed and fixed. Step 3, in the original potentiometer JiaoPian next root welding wire, the wire welding on the new potentiometer corresponding lead JiaoPian, new and old potentiometer control welding. Step 4, the same method, each pin wire welding is good. Using this welding on a welded again between a method can avoid lead welding fault location.
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