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Power amplifier electric capacitance why would immediately after fever?

by:Shenmao     2020-11-20
Power amplifier circuit of capacitance is there are so many kinds of, one of the most important is to have the effect of power supply filter, capacitance after electrify tend to have a little fever phenomenon, but if the temperature is very high to immediately check capacitance or circuit board peripheral circuit. Most of the power amplifier dynamic big when send out music, led to the current size changes vary widely, not strong in the output current of power transformer, leads to capacitor in the dynamic to constantly while charging and discharging, and when the capacitor is smaller or larger internal resistance, will because of charging and discharging speed can't keep up with, then on the aluminum electrolytic capacitor for a long time in workload status, it is easy to make up the temperature of the condenser. After the amplifier power capacitor fever situation is serious, whether should first out for capacitor quality problems, pressure, etc. , enough if it is the original circuit used in capacitive appeared problem, can be ruled out by the following methods. The first case whether the capacitance to work long hours under high temperature environment, internal pressure is too large, the electrolyte dry, is close to failure state, this kind of situation can be removed after a capacitor capacity test. The second case to consider whether the diode rectifier circuit problems, cause fluctuations in distortion after rectification, it is recommended to use oscilloscope to observe the output waveform is normal. Part and the third is to consider the load circuit if there is a problem, load power consumption increases or similar short circuit condition, will cause temperature rise of capacitance. Output filter capacitor switching power supply in case of particularly high requirements, use low internal resistance of the electrolytic capacitor, this also means that we cannot use capacitor at ordinary times, in order to ensure the circuit board functioning normally have to buy that kind of high-speed electrolytic low internal resistance, in addition to choose the same capacity electrolytic capacitor slightly bigger. Shenzhen ShenMao weiye technology co. , LTD. Is a company specializing in the production of high frequency low resistance electrolytic capacitor manufacturers, has been 14 years industry experience, its capacitance ShenMao brand is popular with the manufacturers at home and abroad, welcome to come to guide the cooperation.
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