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Power capacitor compensation principle is what?

by:Shenmao     2020-12-05

power capacitor compensation principle is what? Capacitor on the principle of capacitive reactive current generator, the following detailed and ShenMao electronic capacitor manufacturer. The principle of the reactive power compensation is to put the bulk densities sexual power load device and perceptual power load in parallel on the same capacitor, energy transformation between the two kinds of load. In this case, the transformer and transmission line load of power grid is reduced, thus the output active power increased. Under the condition of the output must be active power, reduce the losses in the power supply system. Compared to capacitor is reducing load transformers, power supply system and industrial distribution of the simplest and most economical way. Therefore, as the electric power system of reactive power compensation capacitor is imperative. At present, the parallel capacitor as reactive power compensation device has become so common.
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