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Power capacitor installation maintenance and troubleshooting

by:Shenmao     2020-12-06
Before installing capacitor, must check the voltage waveform, if there is a harmonic source, such as: the rectifying device, electric arc furnace, frequency control of motor speed, such as nonlinear load, are taking measures to eliminate overcurrent: (1) combination of proper reactor, the resonant frequency of the grid dropped below the main harmonic frequency. (2) harmonic source nearby, add filter unit. Maintenance guideline: (1) regular inspection, found that the capacitor drum belly, oil spills, insulator creepage phenomenon, should be timely contact with the company's after-sales service. (2) should be measured on a regular basis capacitor installation of environment temperature, more than 35 ℃ effective ventilation cooling measures should be taken. (3) should be regularly check the capacitor load current of each phase, are not allowed in 1. Three times the rated power flow to run for a long time. (4) periodically check three-phase capacitance, three-phase imbalance of more than 108%, should replace the capacitor. Fault guideline: (1) with a clip-on table check the three-phase working current of capacitor. Without the three phase current, first capacitor between three terminal voltage is measured with a multimeter, if the voltage is normal, that capacitor is damaged; On the other hand to check the fuse and capacitor contactor and front-end components are in good condition. (2) under the condition of 400 v, three-phase current more than rated current, power grid harmonic is contained in. (3) to remove the capacitor capacitance measurement using capacitance table or RLC electric capacity of digital bridge profile measuring capacitance C, comparing with the trademark on the rated capacitance, discriminant capacitor is good or bad.
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