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Power capacitor installation operation guideline

by:Shenmao     2020-12-06
Installation operation guide: 1, the installation site, should avoid direct sunlight and rain and snow get wet, no corrosive gas and dust, mechanical vibration is small, dry and well ventilated. 2, concentrated capacitor or and other prevails, equipment installation, the region environment temperature will exceed capacitor allowed working environment temperature, the effective ventilation cooling measures must be taken. More than 3, capacitor array placed, should make the distance between the capacitor is not less than 50 mm, good ventilation and heat dissipation. 4, capacitor terminal wiring should try to use soft copper wire, regular check, in case caused by poor contact of fever, arc, high frequency vibration phenomenon, and the early damage of the capacitor. 5, it is recommended to use appropriate over-current relay ( Thermal relay) , prevent capacitance current and external fuse can only make short circuit protection. 6, in the case of have access to the capacitor, the new capacitor input will produce very big transition over current, should be concatenated current-limiting reactor, or special capacitor contactor, limit transition over current peak at 100 in the following. Seven, concentrated compensation must be made with over-voltage, owe automatic cycle time delay of controller for current protection, time delay for time setting should be greater than 30 seconds. 8, the capacitor and the induction motor and connect, share a switch, because of the self-excited phenomenon is easy to generate overvoltage, suggest to according to the principle of capacitor current less than motor no-load current matching capacitor capacity ( Advice about 90%) 。
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