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Precautions for purchasing car audio capacitors | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-10
Things to consider before buying a car audio capacitor The design of capacitors in car audio systems is different. Different capacitors have different characteristics, they have different advantages and equal advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, a capacitor used in one car audio system may not work effectively in another car audio system. Therefore, you need to choose a capacitor for your car audio to make the most of it. But how do you choose capacitors for car audio? Then, before making a final decision, you need to consider some factors. Before buying a car audio capacitor, you need to consider the following: 1. Capacitance rating The capacitance rating of a capacitor describes the charge that the capacitor can store. The capacitance value is in farads. The higher the capacitance value, the stronger the capacitance. Before buying capacitors for car audio, please consider the power of the car amplifier. If the rated power of your car power amplifier is less than 2000 watts, a capacitor with a capacitance value of 1 to 2 farads is sufficient. However, if you have a more powerful car power amplifier, then consider a capacitor with a higher capacitance rating for performance. 2. The rated voltage and surge voltage of the capacitor are different. The rated voltage of the capacitor is different. Generally, most car batteries and alternators produce a voltage of 12 to 14.8V DC. Therefore, you need to consider a capacitor that can handle a rated voltage of up to 16V DC. The surge voltage should be on the higher side. The surge voltage with a rated voltage of approximately 20V DC should be sufficient to ensure that the capacitor will not be damaged in the event of a sudden voltage surge. 3. Voltage overload and low voltage protection Each capacitor has a maximum voltage that it can withstand. Exceeding the maximum voltage may damage the capacitor. In addition, low voltage can damage capacitors. Therefore, consider a capacitor with voltage overload and low voltage protection to increase the chances of using it in the next few years. If you can get a capacitor that turns off automatically, so much the better. 4. Easy to charge and install Another factor to consider is how easy it is to charge the capacitor. You don't want to invest in capacitors, the battery charging time is too long or charging is difficult. Also, consider how easy it is to connect the capacitor to the car audio system. Connecting or disconnecting should be effortless. In addition, it should be equipped with mounting hardware, including mounting brackets and screws. 5. Sound alert for adverse conditions When driving, you may not always be able to check the charge level of the capacitor for safe driving. Therefore, you should invest in a capacitor that can provide you with audible alarms about unfavorable conditions such as low voltage and over voltage. In addition, consider capacitors with reverse polarity alarms. 6. LED voltage display investment capacitor with LED voltage display is very ideal, you can easily understand the current charge level of the capacitor. The LED voltage display does not require the use of a voltmeter, which makes the use of capacitors in car audio more challenging. 7. The durability of capacitors Whenever you invest in any product, you will always want a product that can serve you for many years. The same situation applies to the purchase of capacitors. It is ideal to consider the material and finishing of the capacitor. Choose a capacitor made of material that can resist corrosion and weather factors. The end terminals should also be made of strong, wear-resistant materials. 8. Price-quality ratio Well, obviously, your budget determines the type of capacitors you can afford. Some capacitors are more expensive due to additional functions, while other capacitors are cheaper due to their limited capacity. At the same time, this does not mean that a reasonably priced capacitor does not perform well. However, you will not buy capacitors because they are cheap. You also need to consider its quality. Therefore, you should consider balancing price and quality. Always avoid compromising the quality of the capacitor rather than the cost. Therefore, please consider using capacitors that have the functions you need and meet your budget, otherwise your budget will be slightly shortened. Final summary In conclusion, when buying capacitors for car audio, the final decision you will make should mainly depend on quality, functionality, and budget. Avoid choosing capacitors for car audio only because they look attractive or very affordable. Look for a capacitor with all the features you want, and within your budget. Although each of the capacitors has outstanding characteristics, it distinguishes it from other capacitors. As long as you choose a strong enough capacitor to power your car audio amplifier, you will be fine. You can rest assured that as long as you play bass notes in your car audio system, your car's headlights and dashboard lights will not dim. Therefore, considering these factors, you will have a better opportunity to invest in better car audio capacitors. JMX brand capacitors have provided high-quality high-end capacitors to thousands of customers for nearly 20 years. JMX brand capacitors have become one of China's high-quality and honest capacitor suppliers. Sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit Shenmao capacitor factory for guidance and business negotiation. Capacitor order hotline: 0755-8527 4135, after-sales customer service:, fax: 0755-8527 6135 Learn about capacitor parameters: WWW.JMXCAP.COM
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