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Precautions for using metal film capacitors continued|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-19
Yesterday we talked about the first three precautions for the use of metal film capacitors. Today we continue to say that metal film capacitors are used to suppress electromagnetic interference from power supplies and select safety capacitors. When metal film capacitors are used in the power line to suppress interference, not only the normal voltage, but also abnormal pulse voltages occur, which may cause the capacitor to smoke or even catch fire. Therefore, the safety standards for capacitors used to suppress electromagnetic interference of power supplies have very strict regulations in different countries. Therefore, when choosing this kind of capacitors, safety-certified safety capacitors should be used. It is not recommended to use DC capacitors in cross-line circuits. Pay attention to the series current-limiting resistance when testing metal film capacitors. The charging and discharging of a capacitor depends on the product of the capacitance and the rate of voltage change. Even if the capacitor is charged and discharged at a low voltage, the capacitor is damaged if the capacitance is too large or the rate of voltage change is too fast. Therefore, when multiple metal film capacitors are connected in parallel for the withstand voltage test or life test, it is necessary to connect an appropriate current-limiting resistor in series to each capacitor. For more details, please call the toll-free hotline: 400-6299-138.
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