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Production process of electrolytic capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-25
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors on the market are more common, so the production process of aluminum electrolytic capacitors should not have been specifically understood. Here, let us popularize how aluminum electrolytic capacitors are produced by a set of production processes. 1. The internal structure of cutting aluminum electrolytic capacitors is basically oil-impregnated paper. It is the first step in the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Therefore, when producing this electrolytic capacitor, the first step is to cut the oil-impregnated paper first. Cut the size and capacity withstand voltage. 2. Nail connection. After the winding oil-impregnated paper is cut, it is the lead wire to play. The process of splicing the leads of the electrolytic capacitor is called nailing. According to the position of the oil-impregnated paper, Place the leads in the corresponding positive and negative positions and proceed to the next step. The winding is to wind the oil-impregnated paper to form a cylinder. Basically, the prototype of an aluminum electrolytic capacitor appears. This prototype is also called the element. 3. Immersion This step is to take the elements of the electrolytic capacitor directly into the electrolyte to soak to reach the target capacity. This process is also an important part of determining the capacity of the electrolytic capacitor. As for the factor that determines the capacity, it is the first step when cutting. The oil-impregnated paper used is an important raw material that determines how much electrolyte can be accommodated. 4. After the first three steps of assembling, sealing, and waisting are completed, the impregnated electrolytic capacitor element must be covered with a shell, also called a waist, and then a sealing device with fixed leads will be put on, such a bare electrolytic capacitor. It is formed, but the electrolytic capacitor at this time still cannot be used. 5. Set of rubber This is the hose of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor, which is equivalent to wearing clothes, so that the user can see the printing on it, and can know the capacity, withstand voltage, positive and negative poles and so on. 6. Charging selection This is the last important step of the electrolytic capacitor production process. Through the charging selection, the qualified electrolytic capacitors with withstand voltage are selected, and the unqualified electrolytic capacitors are directly eliminated and discarded. When the electrolytic capacitors are charged, the electrolytic capacitors are discarded. The finished product is produced, and the next step is to enter the test link.
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