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Reasons for abnormal noise of film capacitors and solutions | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-20
Today’s power grids contain a variety of high-order harmonics, and they mainly exist in the form of current, and film capacitors just like to be courteous with it. If someone nearby uses electric welding or SCR phase modulation high-power electrical appliances, film capacitors The electrode will vibrate and make a sound. In addition, harmonic current has a great destructive effect on the capacitor. The electrode of the CBB capacitor is a metal film sprayed on the film. Under the action of the instantaneous high current, the part near the two ends is likely to generate ohmic heat, which causes the film to melt and cause a short circuit. Capacitors have the ability to self-heal against short circuits, but after self-healing, the ESR will become larger, making it easier to generate heat, a vicious circle, and will soon fail completely. Due to the low thermal conductivity of film capacitors, the external surface temperature rise cannot be used to judge the internal instantaneous local temperature rise. Therefore, check the manufacturer’s specifications first. The surge current should be limited. The unit should be the current time product, such as by second, Wait in milliseconds. It is also possible that the current is too large, and it is not caused by the current-limiting resistor. The price of good quality film capacitors is not low, and the overall circuit volume is not necessarily smaller than the power frequency transformer of the same capacity. The solution to the noise generated by film capacitors is as follows: First, see if the physical characteristics of all electronic devices are complete. Second, regionalization, regardless of the type of circuit, has regional functions, and there is no need to check one by one to prevent the problem from expanding. Third, the measurement is based on different functions, and different instruments are selected. The above three points are applicable to both strong and weak currents. In general, the noise of film capacitors, in some specific working occasions, such as cross-line, step-down and other AC occasions, film capacitors may have noise. This is caused by the existence of gaps between the films and vibration under the action of alternating electric fields. . Judging from the current technology and statistics, the noise of film capacitors has no obvious impact on the performance of the capacitor. It is generally caused by the manufacturing process. The progress of the process will significantly improve or solve this problem. Therefore, Zhixu Electronics recommends that you must choose qualified and high-quality manufacturers. The film capacitors produced by good manufacturers can be noise-free or The noise is small. If the noise is unacceptable, you can choose to replace the film capacitor.
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