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Reasons for the expansion of electrolytic capacitors | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-24
If the electrolytic capacitor is found to be bloated, it must be replaced immediately, otherwise it will cause potential hazards. Therefore, good quality capacitors must be purchased. Most electrolytic capacitors on the market are disassembled and second-hand. The price is cheap but the quality is difficult to guarantee. There are more fakes, but the performance is extremely poor. It is recommended to buy capacitors from well-known brands. There are many types of packages and complete specifications and sizes. Hope It's helpful to you. The expansion of the electrolytic capacitor is caused by many reasons (such as reverse polarity, high temperature, high working current, high internal resistance, leakage, etc.). The expansion and rupture are caused by excessive gas generated inside, and the sealed casing is broken. Cause. (You can try to remove the damaged capacitor and pry the capacitor case open with pliers. At this time, a lot of gas may escape). The electrolytic capacitor has a 'pressure relief groove' engraved on its top, which is an X-shaped or K-shaped vertical line engraved on the aluminum shell, which guides it to explode upward when the pressure is too high to prevent damage to other surrounding devices.
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