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Reasons that affect the service life of metalized film capacitors | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-06
The capacity of the metallized film capacitor is determined by the area of u200bu200bthe film metal layer, so the decrease in capacity is mainly caused by the reduction of the area of u200bu200bthe metal plating layer due to various external factors. In the capacitor manufacturing process, there is a trace of air between the film layers, and it is difficult to completely eliminate it. When the capacitor is working, the air may be ionized under the action of the electric field. After air ionization, ozone is produced. Ozone is an unstable gas. It decomposes into oxygen at room temperature. It is a strong oxidant and can instantly complete oxidation at low concentrations. The metal coating of metalized film capacitors (components of zinc or aluminum) oxidizes immediately after encountering the oxygen decomposed by ozone, forming transparent and non-conductive metal oxides ZnO and Al2O3. The actual performance is that the area of u200bu200bthe electrode plate decreases and the capacitor capacity decreases. Therefore, eliminating or reducing the air between the membrane layers can slow down the capacitance decay. When the air between the film layers is invaded by external moisture, the breakdown potential of the air will decrease, accelerate the ionization of the air, produce a large amount of ozone, oxidize the metal coating of the metalized film capacitor, and the capacitor's capacity will drop rapidly. Metal film capacitors are usually packaged with epoxy resin (EPOXY RESIN), so there is generally no need to worry about the moisture resistance of metal film capacitors. Under normal circumstances, there are three main reasons that affect the service life of metallized film capacitors: 1. The voltage is too high. 2. Used for high frequency. (High frequency, high dielectric loss, heat breakdown) 3. The use environment temperature is high. A metalized film capacitor is a metalized dielectric capacitor that is directly plated with a metal film on the dielectric as an electrode. Since the electrode is a metal film plated in the form of vapor, it is much thinner than the aluminum foil made by mechanical means. The biggest feature of this kind of capacitor is its self-healing effect. If the voltage is too high, causing a point in the capacitor's internal dielectric to be broken down, the short-circuit current will evaporate the metal film where the dielectric is damaged. It should be noted that even if the metal film capacitor has self-healing properties, if the breakdown range is too large, it will affect the capacitance of the capacitor.
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