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by:Shenmao     2020-10-28
Has arrived in 2015, China's economy continues to decline, have brought a big challenge to all walks of life. As electrolytic capacitor procurement staff, especially the purchasing large size aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the task is particularly hard, need to plan as a whole and determine content of procurement, such as ox horn type electrolytic capacitor, or a bolt type, such as electrolytic capacitors as far as possible to reduce unnecessary spending, with funds effectively, ensure the supply of the biggest ensure purchasing task to complete. Need to research the company commodity demand of each department and the sales situation, be familiar with all kinds of goods supply channels and market changes, aluminum electrolytic capacitors to ensure the relationship between supply and demand. To guide and supervise the subordinate to carry out the business, and constantly improve the business skills, to ensure that the company's normal procurement. Electrolytic capacitor supplier evaluation and management, establish a reasonable procurement process. Monitor and take part in the negotiation of the large quantities of goods orders, check the implementation and the implementation of the contract. Purchasing responsibility very weight, always familiar with and master the capacitor market, press & other High quality, low price & throughout; The principle of shopping around, preferred procurement. Pay attention to collect market information, timely feedback to the department leadership electrolytic capacitor price and related information. Such as static, stick to the same or with several suppliers, will lose market competitiveness. In the process of buying aluminum electrolytic capacitor, want to find a stable quality, good reputation, electrolytic capacitor manufacturer, cheaper prices really is difficult, our proposal, don't purchase unknown aluminum electrolytic capacitor, investigate its reason, can be summarized as follows: disassembly parts, gray, fake. In the electronic components market is one of the most common parts, only in the disassembly parts cannot be applied to aluminum electrolytic capacitor products, its reason is very obvious. After years of use, the service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is nearing the end of even then the performance also is pretty good. And the characteristics of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor is, performance remains the same but it is a variable will change very fast. In this way, even before the end of aluminium electrolytic capacitor close to life, its performance is good, but once in the state of the end of life, then & other Aging & throughout; Very fast, within a very short time, namely, & other; Death & throughout; 。 Set of film aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Mantle is false and inferior aluminium electrolytic capacitor & other; Renovation & throughout; The commonly used gimmick. Usually, will buy aluminum electrolytic capacitor to set of heat shrinkable tube on the film, a new mantle heat shrinkable tube with the rated voltage of rated voltage higher than it was before the two block, its level of printing can be real ones. A refurbished aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Renovated the performance of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor is bad also, usually rolled off the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, both home and abroad were collected to soak the electrolyte after encapsulation. Although foreign famous aluminum electrolytic capacitor detection than domestic strict, but some of the rolled off the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitor performance is close to the real domestic aluminum electrolytic capacitor. But, of course, its performance is just close to, is better than the domestic original aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Steal voltage & throughout; Aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Some of the domestic individual does not pay attention to the credibility of aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers in order to obtain higher profits, often using & other Steal voltage & throughout; The method of reduce the production cost of high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitor. As a result of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor surge voltage is the voltage rating of 1. 15 times, so the 350 v rated voltage of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor surge voltage of 402 v; Above ( 220 v + 20%) The corresponding rectification peak voltage 370 v. For 300 v rated voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the surge voltage is 345 v, can satisfy the input voltage 242 v ac RMS, the ac 220 v + 10%. With the improvement of the quality of power supply, 220 v mains voltage does not exceed this value in general. Selection of at this moment, rated voltage 400 v and 300 v rated voltage in a short period of time not see the difference. Offline aluminum electrolytic capacitors. In the domestic electronic products on the market can see logoff aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Offline aluminum electrolytic capacitor is usually some irresponsible sellers in order to gain market competitiveness, to the aluminum electrolytic capacitor factory buy rolled off the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, eliminate no electricity capacity and breakdown after get that sells on the market. ShenMao, devotes in the large size electrolytic capacitor for nearly 30 years, combined with our many years of experience, for electrolytic capacitor procurement done a summary about, but the actual purchasing process, which involves more factors, each manufacturer needs according to their own actual situation, combined with customer demand, the right is the best, unless the customer request, otherwise do not deliberately pursue low price, low price means low quality, after all, our business is all about a long-term cooperation. ShenMao, high-quality electrolytic capacitor manufacturers recommend that using high quality raw materials, automation equipment, heavy reputation, stable quality, we promise, every customer in the right to choose our company under the premise of product model, in the process of normal use, the capacitor is damaged, our company is responsible for the service on approval.
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