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Regarding the service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitors | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-17
We know that there are many types of current capacitors, but we still have many problems with the service life of capacitors. Now let us discuss the service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Literally understood that the so-called aluminum electrolytic capacitor is actually a kind of aluminum cylinder as the negative electrode of the battery, filled with liquid electrolyte and then made of a bent aluminum strip as the positive electrode of the battery. However, in actual During operation, DC power is required to be processed by voltage. Only the processed one can form an oxide film on the positive electrode. This oxide film is a good medium. The biggest feature of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is that the capacity is very large, but the shortcomings should not be ignored. The biggest shortcoming is that it is easy to leak. After the leakage, the stability of the capacitor will become very poor, so it is actually more suitable for some In lower frequency circuits, you must see the positive and negative poles clearly when using them, and don't connect them upside down. The use efficiency of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is an uncertain factor. Many people may want to know what is the service life of a brand-new capacitor and how long it can be used. Here we can say that any kind of capacitor lasts for a long time. It will be lost during the use process, which is determined by its own nature. As long as we are good at analyzing what is the reason that affects the service life when in use, avoid damage as much as possible, and believe that its service life will become longer. . For example, the biggest influencing factor when in use is actually the temperature. Therefore, learn to control the temperature so that the electrolyte does not grow too fast, and its service life will be extended accordingly.
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