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Renewable aluminum electrolytic capacitor voltage ( Redundant voltage)

by:Shenmao     2020-11-02
After aluminum electrolytic capacitor charge and discharge, the two lead further nipple discharge, and then place the terminal open after a period of time, and creates a voltage between two terminals, this voltage is known as regenerative voltage, its production process is as follows: when the voltage applied on medium, the medium caused by electronic media reaction of internal migration to internal electric field is induced in the medium, the direction and the surface of the medium voltage direction on the contrary, this phenomenon is called polarization reaction. When the applied voltage cause polarization reaction, if the voltage between two terminals until discharge terminal is zero, then place the open after a period of time, will produce a voltage, two terminals so was born the regeneration voltage. Regeneration voltage in the capacitor placed open 10 to 20 days to peak, then gradually reduced. Along with the increase of cell regeneration voltage has a tendency to increase, 急- - - - - - IN the product) 。 If after regeneration voltage capacitor, will cause the two terminal short-circuit spark may cause assembly line workers fear, also may lead to some low voltage driving element ( Such as CPU, memory, etc. ) The risk of damaged, prevention measures are in 100 before using & Omega; ~ 1 kω Resistance of discharge, or at the side of the terminal cover with aluminum foil in product packaging is in short circuit discharge condition, the capacitor if you need more detailed answer, please contact us.
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